The OkCupid Online Dating Guide

by admin on January 18, 2011

***This Guide is NOT endorsed, funded, nor created by the OkCupid team***

Are you one of the many guys who aren’t having success with Online Dating?

Not receiving as many messages back from women as you want?

Are you only getting messages back from the ‘ugly’ girls?

Do start to message girls over and over again, only to have them disappear on you?

Can you NOT get girls to meet you in person?

Let me help you out.

I’m Benjamin O. and I have had tremendous success with online dating on OkCupid.  Last summer I was dating up to 5 women a week and having a great time on these dates (let me tell you ;)  But I wasn’t always this good with women… in fact, I was actually the opposite for a lot of my life.

I used to have all the problems I talked about above and more, until I decided to take ACTION and master the art of dating women.  I am a cheap skate, so I searched and scoured the internet for FREE materials and borrowed books from my friends to learn as much about DATING as I could.  Well, I read it all.  Some of it was great stuff and other stuff was a waste of my time.  I look back on it and I wish I would have just bought a guide that laid it all out for me, step by step.  Well, unfortunately there wasn’t such a guide…. But now there is.

I want to share what I know with you and save you all the time and frustration that I went through.  (Now I am dating a beautiful girl, who has everything I want in a woman.  The great thing is is that I know if we don’t work for some reason, that I will happily go back to dating.  I had such a great time!)

I want to show you how to have a great time using OkCupid and date a lot of BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT WOMEN.

Here is what you will learn from my guide:

***How to write a message that WILL GET A RESPONSE

***A proven system from starting the profile all the way thru to the date to get a woman ATTRACTED to you

***Fashion tips to make you stand out

***How to craft a profile that will make her think about you all the time

***How to get in the mind (and inbox) of a woman using online dating

***The mistakes that most men are making and killing their shot at getting dates

***How to make online dating fun for you and her

***333 first date ideas that will blow her away

***How to go for a kiss in a rejection free way

***56 Conversation topics

***28 first text messages that will get a response

***How to make the phone call to seal the deal and get the date

***How to get matched with the most attractive girls in your area

***How to get noticed on OkCupid

***How to recognize the Dating Spammers that are everywhere

Is This You?

Women won’t respond to your messages?

Women will exchange messages with you, but then they just disappear and you never hear from them again?

Women say they won’t give out their phone number nor meet in person?


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